Why did the twin flames incarnate now?


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The Tfs are old souls and this is the last life of most, if not all of them.
The Tfs have incarnated to detach from the ego self and awaken unconditional love for themselves, their twin and everyone else. They need to get out of the ego mind and operate from their loving heart. This can only be achieved by balancing their Yin and Yang energies.

Most twins are Alpha Males and Alpha females(following societal beliefs and norms) and their masculine will be stronger than their feminine or vice versa. They need to bring both energies in balance to come into Union.

For that, they need to heal all the past fears, pains, traumas that they experienced through all lifetimes. They need to Question and look at their beliefs and conditioning and make the necessary changes.
They have been a part of many generations and centuries and carry within them the beliefs, traumas and challenges of those lifetimes which they need to heal.

In this life they will also clear their past karmas with all the people they met during all their past lives.
That is the reason they will meet many enemies, friends and soulmates in different forms, in this life, to clear those past karmas.

They are healing big time, not only for themselves but as empaths and lightworkers even for the collective consiousness.
It is important that they heal themselves so that they can become the beacon of light to help and guide others.
They may go through a lot of pain and trauma in this life so that they can transmute it to healing and lessons. This will be their training/preparation for their healer jobs later.

So instead of focussing on the romance and relationship, they need to focus on the lessons that need to be learnt, the changes they need to bring within themselves and around them.
The twin flames meet when the smaller lessons are learnt and karmas cleared with most,
so that they can now mirror and clear the deeper and harder lessons.

Deep love, romance and chemistry exists between them as they are lovers thrugh many lifetimes and centuries and it acts as a motivation so they don’t give up on each other and continue to do the healing.

It is happening in this time and age because even the planetry positions are such, so as to help in the healing, purging and awakening.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius which is all about uplifting Humanity. It is time to let go of old beliefs and conditioning of the past. To change how the society operates and shift old paradigms. To create new ways and paths of living life and relationships. To think in new and better ways and creating a different more inclusive and loving world. Once the Twinflames heal themselves and come into Union they will be the founders and creators of this new loving world. That is the mission they have come here to fulfill.

Love and Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi,

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This is what stopped me from commiting suicide!


Ahmedabad: After quarrel with wife at police station, cop commits ...

The whole social media is full of posts about Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. It was a big shock and very saddening. We are seeing all types of posts, everyone giving their
analysis of the problems he was facing, his depression, his weakness,etc We have been seeing a spate of suicides from the glamour world in last few days.

I have been in such a situation few years back, when I also wanted to commit suicide.
So I can understand how hopelessness, desolation, isolation and loneliness
affects your psyche. When you don’t find any support, just empty words from people
around you, nobody understands your pain. People just see the money, luxury
and outward riches you have and wonder why you are sad and depressed.

We have grown up with the belief that poverty is the cause of sadness and
money, name and fame will give us happiness. But once you achieve all this you realise
it’s not true, in fact it enhances your depression and sadness,
because now you realise none of this can give you happiness. all your hopes are shattered.

Actually the more money and fame you have the more you are surrounded by empty and hollow relationships. Your life becomes more shallow as now you are forced to project a fake persona to the masses. You can’t be your authentic real self.
You are dragged much more into mind games, territory wars and manipulations by people who just want a slice of your fortune.

And when you start seeing the shallowness and greed of the people around you it makes you feel helpless, hopeless and desolate. You feel the world is just not worth living. And that is a very difficult moment.
Specially when you live alone. If at that moment you have even 1 honest person around you
you can be saved or else…it becomes very difficult.

The other thing that can save you is changing your mindset.

Go within. Meditate on your problems, Ask yourself the difficult questions. Find out why you are feeling like that.
The problem here is we are so obsessed with what is bad in the world that we forget the good that exists.
We are focussed only on what we are getting… from the people around us, the world, etc…
we become selfish and self centered. The ego is focussed only on me. We become totally focussed on self gratification, our own happiness and satisfaction.

But when we change ur focus to …“I am in this shit and there maybe more like me and let me be there for them and help them”
then your life changes.

This is what stopped me from commiting suicide.

This is what changed my focus from myself and self gratification to being of service.
To helping people in their difficult times, being there for them when no one else is,
standing by them in difficult times, helping and supporting, not letting them feel alone, lonely and suicidal.

I had nothing still I could do it..he was a hero with money, name and fame…how much good could he have done for this world!

I use this every time I feel those feelings of desolation crop in again..yes we are human and we will have low days/bad days/hard days/difficult days.
At that moment when you are at your lowest just pause, breathe, go inside and ask yourself why are you allowing the outer world to affect your peace.

Stop focusing on receiving and ask yourself “How can I be of service to the world” and watch your perspective and mood change.
When we learn to give our time/attention/money/love unconditionally, that is when we can find true happiness, peace and satisfaction.

That is when we find the real purpose of our life and our reason to live!

Teach this to your children too. Teach them how to stand strong in adversities, how to face problems with courage and grit. Make them spiritually and emotionally strong. Don’t just teach them how to make money, teach them how to live without it too. Don’t just teach them to be strong and control their emotions, teach them to be vulnerable and express their emotions too..especially the boys. Teach them to be real and authentic. Teach them to be kind and compassionate. Teach them to help people in need.

Teach them to be better, kinder and loving and make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Love and Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi,

Reiki Grand Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Medium

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Rape: End result of a process.



Today we are all feeling anguished and pained and very much scared.
The news is filled with rape cases. and these are only the ones reported…which maybe only 10 % or less.
We all saw the Nirbhaya case and many more after that, but we still didn’t learn our lessons.

It is not just the fault of the Rapists..It is also the fault of the women and their families.

Right from the ancient ages women have always been treated in a substandard way…whether it was Sita and Draupadi in ancient times or Nirbhaya and Priyanka in the modern world…
women have always been seen as an object of pleasure, sex symbols, revenge objects and what not…

Who is to blame here?

The men? yes to some extent…but mostly women themselves.
There has been a slow poisoning process that is going on, that is gradually diminishing the self love, self confidence and self respect of women and they don’t even realize it is happening until it was too late. From Birth till death is is everywhere.

1. When the birth of a female child was not celebrated, or considered less than a male…why did we accept it?
Why didn’t we protest being women ourselves? Why did we fall into the trap of necessity/competition to have a male child?
Women even allowed a second marriage for the sake of a male child…Why? Who poisoned their psyche?

2. When women were not send to school to study and made to learn housework…why did we accept it?
Who decided women were not meant for education when the goddess of knowledge is Saraswati -a woman?
Who made this rule and poisoned our psyche making us think we are less intelligent?

3. When our right to choose a life partner were taken away..why didn’t we protest?
why did we feel the men of our family had the right to decide our fate? why did we allow marriage to be a business deal/payment for debt/means of mergers and acquisitions?
Who poisoned our minds to make us feel we were incapable of choosing the right partner? and it was our duty to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our family fortune?

4. When women were suggested to wear skimpy clothes and pose for advertisements as sex objects or do item songs …why didn’t we protest?
Why did women feel the need to expose to seduce a man? Why did they feel the need to seduce a man? Why did women start feeling that getting a certain man’s attention was an honor?
Who poisoned their minds into thinking they were just a body to be used?

5. When we are sold fairness creams, shampoos, weight loss programs, soaps,etc to make us worthy of a job or man…why didn’t we protest?
Why did we allow them to tell us we are unworthy as we are?
Who poisoned our minds with shame and guilt for being a certain colour/ weight/.etc..?

6. When women are joked about, subtly disrespecting them about being bad drivers, bad wives, too talkative, etc..
Why did we mutely accept it? Aren’t men bad drivers/bad husbands/talkative.
I see more guys gossiping on street corners than women. And the sad part is women post and forward such jokes, without even realizing the disrespect. Who poisoned our minds into thinking disrespecting jokes is OK and cool?

7. When a single/separated/widowed woman is mistreated but a similar man is respected… why did we accept it?
When did we allow our worth to get associated with the presence of a man in our life?
When did we allow them to name us inauspicious because we decided to be strong like Shakti and get out of an abusive marriage and survive on our own?
And the worst part is women are the biggest enemies of women. Instead of supporting their sister, They are the first to defame her and keep her away from family functions and rituals.
Who poisoned our minds to think it was correct and OK?

8. Indians pray to Goddess Shakti for 9 days, touch the feet of baby girls,
but mistreat, abuse and rape their own daughters and sisters …and expect to get blessings of the divine mother.
It is the most ridiculous and biggest sham we have carried on for decades. The goddess doesn’t need your penance, prayers and offerings.
If you can’t see the goddess in your own mother, sister or daughters all your prayers is useless.
Who poisoned our minds to think the goddess was in an idol and not every women on earth?

When an intelligent girl is made to sacrifice her education for a dumb brother… why didn’t we protest?
When an incapable son inherits his fathers business and property instead of a deserving daughter…why didn’t we protest?
When and educated financially independent women is asked for dowry…why didn’t we protest?
When a capable women is not given the promotion/raise…because of her gender …why didn’t we protest?
When women are touched/eve teased in buses/trains/roads/offices/etc …why didn’t we protest?
When a woman is made to do housework after a hard day in office…why didn’t we protest?

When a woman is raped by her Husband/family members in the house …why didn’t we protest?


Agreed the patriarchal laws were made by men….but why did we agree to follow them
Agree the torture was done by men….but why did women help them in it?
Agree men see women as sex objects…but why did women themselves shed their clothes for money?
Agree men disrespect women …but why did women disrespect themselves and other women around them?

All this inequality and disrespect feed into the male Psyche since childhood leads them to  continue disrespecting and violating women resulting into rape in worst cases.

Whenever such a case comes to light, we get more frightened, we cover down more, the men get more chance to curb the freedom of women in the name of safety and security…

But why doesn’t it inspire us …to teach our daughters and ourselves self defense,
to teach our sons to help other women in distress.
It is not just the governments or police’s duty to keep our streets safe..it is our responsibility too.
We cant keep blaming others and brushing our hands off our duties any longer…we need to wake up.

1. Start by showing more respect to the women in your life..at home, in office, while travelling.

2. Don’t forward jokes that disrespect women.

3. Make men Share the burdens equally at home.

4. Treat your sons and daughters equally.

5. Raise your voice when you see injustice

When you treat a women with respect, you teach your sons and men around you how to treat women and you teach your daughters and women around you how women should be treated.

7000 yrs ago Sita went back into mother earth to bring everyone’s attention to the oppressive laws and societal norms of the world for women.
But 7000 yrs later we still do not see much change in the situation of the world.
India is a country where All the powers of education(Saraswati), Finance(Laxmi), discipline(Durga) and destruction(Kali) are given to women.

So WOMEN ! Please stop undermining your selves and your powers. Wake up to your true Goddess self.
Women need to give up their petty competitions/jealousies and come together as a collective, as soul sisters and support each other.
Only then will we see real Women empowerment and end of all evils and oppression of women.

Love and Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi

Rajasthan….A SAGA of Bravery and Suppression

I recently visited Udaipur. It is a beautiful city. I did a lot of sightseeing, many beautiful temples, lakes and palaces.
I did a tour of the City Palace. It has details of the history of the 79 Kings that ruled Mewar, their wars and the growth of the palace.

What is conspicuously missing is any mention of the Queens. None of the Queens names, achievements, talents, skills or bravery is mentioned.
Only stories of how they lived in purdah, what clothes and jewellery they wore, what games they played in the gardens. That’s it!!

The kings were always busy trying to prove their supremacy and satisfy their ego with their wars, running the Kingdom and other so called “manly pursuits” like running behind achievements, conquering land, hunting animals, going to listen to music and having affairs with several other women in their life, by . A typically patriarchal outlook to life, while their wife/wives waited for them back home.

It reeks of suppression of women. How women were treated just as an object of decoration and gratification, as and when needed by the kings. They had no say or participation in the kings life or the kingdom.

This behaviour has set a precedence in Rajasthan about how women will be treated and it continues till today. I still see the same behaviour in several men from Rajasthan, just maybe not openly.

The women there still are treated like a furniture of the house, kept in the background, to be used when in mood by the man, while she patiently takes care of his house and waits for the day when he finds time for her, after he takes a break from proving his achievements and bravery to the world.

Unfortunately the women don’t even realise it and take pride in the sacrifice of their equality and rights. They have been taught to just fulfil their duties and serve the man with no emotional expectations in return, yes they will be provided for materially.

Love is all about equality, living life as an equal, sharing the happiness and facing the troubles equally together, Being a part of each others life in all spheres not just in the bedroom, Knowing and understanding each other, the likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths, beliefs, ideas, etc.

But unfortunately we don’t see it in Rajasthan. I didn’t find mention of a single love story in Rajasthan. The men are taught to find their value only in their achievements and wealth or are considered useless otherwise. That emotions and love has no place in a man’s life and he needs to sacrifice his needs and desires and love to keep the status quo and the Patriarchal fibre of the society running smoothly.

This mindset affects not just Rajasthan or India but is visible all over the world. I wonder how many more generations will suffer before we see a change in the thinking and outlook to life.

Sad but True!!

Love and Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi,

Reiki Grand Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer,

Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Medium

Why are modern relationships failing?

Now days we find more and more people are choosing to be single. The relationships they form are very fleeting and temporary.
With increased progress in technology our lives are becoming easier and faster
but Relationships are becoming increasingly difficult and challenging.

Let us see a few reasons for this:

1. People seek to look for a relationship when they are feeling lonely, bored or horny. The basic reason people are getting into relationships is muddled. They are looking mostly for time pass, a “good” time or weekend partner.

2. Most relationships are made on social networking sites or dating apps where you find people who are there for similar reasons.

3. The maximum communication is via texting and chatting which doesn’t give much scope to have very deep conversations. So the conversations remain mostly shallow and superficial.

4. We feel a connection to a person through looking into their eyes,
listening to their voice, seeing and touching them, holding hands,
hugging, etc. In texting there is a disconnect which doesn’t allow
for bonding, caring, respect on a deeper level.

5.The freedom to keep swiping right, gives rise to multiple
connections that are juggled as per availability and mood.
This doesnt allow for consistency, loyalty or effort.

6. We have multiple distractions like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp,
videos, etc which leave very less time for relationships.
People would rather watch the latest movie, match or web series than
ask their partner how their day was.

7.There is too much emphasis being given to material things and hence
people are developing a lot of performance anxiety in life.
There is too much stress and pressure at work. The unachievable targets
give rise to fall in self confidence and self worth and leads to lack
of selflove and self care. If you cant love yourself how can you love another?

8. People are so conditioned to put up a fake strong front, they have forgotten how to be emotional and vulnerable. Deep connections make you feel vulnerable and that’s why they run from love or commitment.

9..Since people are juggling multiple relationships and with the increased stress
no one has the time, patience and tolerance for another. The exit door is always open.

10. Being brought up in nuclear families with 1/2 kids, we have not learned to share
our things, our opinions or our feelings, or tolerate differences or adjust to any inconveniences. We believe in my way or the highway.

11. Our generation hasn’t learned to fix things, we just throw a broken piece and get another, We don’t forgive and forget, we breakup.

12. The last but very important reason is that most apps and sites are crowded by married people who are just players and looking for some fun and excitement there. And when single people get attached to them knowingly or unknowingly they are stuck in a one sided, half baked, unfulfilling relationship which never reaches any conclusion and they are left stranded in between without any commitment.
So they remain neither single nor committed.

That is the reason there are more lonely and single people in the world today and depression is becoming the next pandemic.

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Love and light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi,Reiki Grand Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Medium

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Lessons of the Soul

Hello everyone,

I had written this blog a few months ago but I didn’t feel like publishing it. Somehow it felt incomplete. It went through many edits and today even though I feel It is still not complete, I felt it needs to be out there. And I always listen to my intuition. 😀

The 20 most important Lessons we need to learn or traumas we need to heal on our life path journey. Not all may apply to everyone because we are all on a unique life and soul journey, so take what resonates and leave the rest.

(I will not go very deeply into them in this blog, only a small explanation. We will address them more deeply in future blogs)

1. Fear of abandonment : We may carry very deep fears of abandonment from past relationships, parents or past lives, and we need to heal that pain. Maybe our parents were unavailable in childhood or our lover abandoned us in a previous or in this life. This fear stops us from investing deeply in relationships and we keep having superficial relationships, so that we won’t have to go through that pain again.

2. Fear of Rejection: We have self worth issue and feel we are not good enough for others. This comes from being rejected by parents or someone close to us when we were young and it has left a deep scar in our hearts. We are always scared people will reject us and hence we mostly end up rejecting people first.

3. Addiction: There have been times in our life when the pain we felt was unbearable. As a coping mechanism, to numb that pain and ourselves we become addicted to work, sex, can food, substance, etc. But the only way out is to face the pain and heal it so that we get out of those cycles of addiction.

4. Open to receiving : We have always been givers because we know what it is to not have. But unfortunately, we don’t know how to receive equally. We need to learn that as well, we need to learn to accept love, care, help and support from our friends and the people around us and not feel guilty about it.

5. Mother wounds : Our mother may have hurt us or not been there for us or not understood our pain when we were a child and needed her the most. This may have caused a lot of pain and detachment within us. But we need to Understand that we chose our mother and she is our biggest guru in helping us learn the lessons of life and heal this wound.

6. Father wounds : Our father may have not been there for us when we needed to feel safe and secure as a child causing a lot of insecurity and feelings of lack in our psyche. But we need to understand that we are always safe and secure and the universe is always protecting us and will always provide for us abundantly.

7. Religious beliefs : We need to shed our religious dogmas understanding they were created by humans to instil fear and a feeling of division in the masses. This just gives rise to more hate and instability in the world. We need to become more spiritual and go within and follow our heart/soul.

8. Mental blocks : We need to work on our family/societal conditioning and beliefs.
Try to know and understand what beliefs and conditioning are blocking us… like men should not cry/women should not speak openly/fair skin is good, etc
Whose beliefs are these anyway?

9. Speaking our truth : We need to understand that we are each different and unique than others and we see and think differently and need to speak our truth without fear of being judged or rejected. We have not been sent to conform to the rules, but rather to show the world how things can be done differently

10. Trusting our intuition : We need to believe in ourselves more and trust what the universe is speaking to us through our intuition. Once we start believing in ourselves, we wouldn’t feel so helpless, hopeless and stuck in life.

11. Not judging others journey : When we understand that everyone’s job/life path/soul journey is their own choice and their choices and journeys are equally important and right for them, we will not judge or interfere in it.

12. Seeing life from a bigger perspective : Everything is come to teach us a lesson and make us strong so it is imp to look at the lessons, rather than the problems and challenges. See things from a higher perspective rather than getting attached due to ego, gets you out of the victim mentality and makes you feel empowered.

13. Connection to divine : We need to understand and believe that we are all divine beings and we have the power to create whatever life we want.
We are not puppets or victims, we are more powerful than we are allowed to believe. We just need to claim that power.

14. Open to trusting: Don’t let your pain and hurts stop you from trusting people and loving again, No one can harm you unless the universe is trying to teach you a new lesson or there is karma to be settled between you two. No two people or situations are same. So give life a second chance.

15. Self Worth : This is 1 of the biggest challenges everyone faces. Don’t judge yourself based on others opinions or your own past mistakes. We are humans and will keep making mistakes. But we need to accept them and correct them and move on, not remain stuck in them. Know you are worthy of the best life and the best love and the choice is always yours.

16. Unconditional love: This is the ultimate and hardest lesson, you are come to learn. When we can accept ourselves and forgive ourselves fully, we develop unconditional love for our self. When we can accept others and forgive others fully we will develop unconditional love for everyone around us

17. Self-Love: Believe you deserve as much love as anybody else. Give your self the love you expect from others. Putting your own mental, emotional, financial and physical health on 1st priority is not selfish, as society taught us and is the most important lesson we need to learn. Remember you can only give from a full cup, so fill your cup first.

18. Acceptance : Replace expectations from others with acceptance. When we don’t expect anything then everything we receive becomes a beautiful gift. And your life will be filled with appreciation and gratitude for the gifts you receive.

19. Don’t taking any thing personally : Remember everyone is going through life’s challenges themselves and dealing with their own pain and traumas.
We are all here just to help each other clear karma and teach our soul the necessary lessons. Nothing is personal. Maybe you have done worse to them in a past life, we never know. So just show gratitude and learn the lesson.

20. Trusting the journey: We need to understand that this is a long journey, not about you or another but its a journey from your head to your heart, from your ego to unconditional love. It is a journey of finding a balance between the material and spiritual world, Of understanding and learning who your are really beyond your ego, family, race, religion, country. It is about following your soul path. Healing all pains and traumas of previous and this lifetimes and rising to the divinity that you have forgotten.

I hope this blog helps you on your journey.

Lots of best wishes, love and light to you.

Smithaa M Chaturvedi,Reiki Grand Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Medium

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Divine Messages for the Twin flame relationship/ Understanding the Twin flame Journey

Hello Twinflames,

I have been receiving these messages for last 2-3 days now, but I was not feeling like putting pen to paper, but yesterday at 1.30 am spirit woke me from my sleep and made me write it all down!!! So here it is.. LOL.

How are you all doing?… Bad right?

Ya I know you have all been put through the wringer.
Saturn in Capricorn has not given you a breather for the last 2 yrs.
Most of the Tfs have been on this journey for almost 5 to 10 yrs, some even more,
but there seems to be no respite. I even hear some TFs saying they are tired and want to give up because of their twins behaviour, but remember this journey is not about your relationship with another person, it is a journey about YOU!

For many years you had been sweeping all your shit under the carpet…
your fears, anxieties, insecurities, your demons, your addictions, and God knows what,
not only from this life since childhood but also previous lifetimes.

Now there is a mountain of BS under that carpet and it’s gone so high it touches the ceiling and the carpet you were hiding it under is dangling from the top…lol
And all this while you have been putting up a good show for outsiders to see,
including your own families. It’s not that you weren’t healing and clearing karmas but it was happening at the superficial level or should I say the more recent karmas, which concerned others and were easier to clean.

And then enters the Twin flame, who mirrored back all the BS you had been hiding and
kept stirring it and triggering you. Since you are mirrors you can identify the same BS in them and then realise it’s similar to what you have been hiding for so long, mostly unconsciously and unknowingly.

So now you start running from your TF, because you had expected a loving romantic relationship but this is creating a shit storm in your life, and you don’t want to be hurt again. Enough people and situations have hurt you before. So you build higher walls to protect yourself but those walls also keep the TF love out. But you also crave that love because it’s so genuine and magical, you have never felt like that before, so you keep running back to your TF again.

So everytime your TF is hurting you it’s actually a hammer blow on that wall you have built around your heart, so it can be destroyed and you can feel free to love again.
And then to top it all, Saturn enters Capricorn, which is his own house and he sees the BS you have been piling up there. Saturn is a planet of karma, doing the right thing, facing your fears, overcoming them, working hard on them and making breakthroughs.

So he comes and sees that mountain you have created and he puts you to work to clean the shit. He is a hard task master, but he is kind too. So after every difficult session of cleaning he also gives you a break before he again puts you back to work. You have been going very rigorously through this cycle for last 2 yrs.

And guess who has been helping you in that process?…Yes ur right- your TF. The breaks you have been getting is few loving days/weeks with your TF and then the trigger happens again.
They have been triggering you left right and center, helping you to dislodge pieces of that mountain, so that it is easier for you to see it, deal with it and clear it.

And as we are moving towards the core wounds, it’s getting more intense and difficult/ drastic as those are your oldest wounds. Wounds of rejection and abandonment, fears for abundance, feelings of lack, fears for safety and security, etc, which you have carried for a long time, maybe many lifetimes, so they are more difficult to dislodge and hence the frequency and intensity of the tower moments with your twin must have increased gradually.
Keep going guys you are very close to ending this cycle and cleaning up the mess completely so you can be free to be fully happy and loving.

During these difficult times just remember you and your twin are not enemies but allies/partners, a team working together, you are here to help each other.
Their method may have been harsh, but that’s what is required to clear the old gunk.
Remember end of the day you are 1 soul and no one can love you like they do.

Besides this journey is not just about having a romantic loving relationship. It is a spiritual journey to self love to rediscover your true essence, to remove all that is blocking you from loving and accepting yourself completely. Unless you love yourself unconditionally
you will never be able to love your twin unconditionally. Your ego will always create a divide / separation, where none exist.

Remember, You are 1 soul, you can never be separated. You will always belong to each other even if currently you are separate in 3d. You have been together for lifetimes and centuries.
The day you love yourself completely, bring union within yourself of your masculine and feminine energies your twin will present him/herself to you.

And it doesn’t mean all difficulties will end with union. You will still be challenged, learn new things, make new mistakes, have new issues with each other. Be sure to always operate out of love, not ego. If you try to understand your TF or this relationship through the ordinary 3d eyes or your ego, you will always fail.
If you expect people around you to understand you or your TF journey, even then you will fail.

Imagine you are travelling in the jungle and you find the Kohinoor diamond lying there, just like that. You are an expert so you recognise it, and you tell the people around you
who are shepherds, mechanics, or working in other fields,etc. Would they believe you? They would laugh and ridicule you saying it’s impossible, it cannot be precious, such things don’t happen, it maybe fake, that’s why no one else took it…wouldn’t they? It’s not that they are bad or wrong people, it’s just that they are ignorant, they don’t know its value. They maybe experts in other fields, but not in your field and hence they fail to recognise the diamond or its value.

Now imagine you are travelling in this concrete jungle and found your TF. Such a spiritual, deep unconditional love, the Kohinoor of love, that only a few chosen ones have ever heard or seen or felt. If you told the people around you about it, Would they believe you? trust it is true? or would they call it fake?
Again it’s not because they are bad or don’t want you to be happy, they just don’t have the education or capacity to understand it.

So never allow peoples opinions to influence you, push you away, stop or block you. Don’t listen to anyone else, not even me if what I say doesn’t resonate with you.
Only believe your own intuition, because there may be many on the same journey but everyone has a different path.

The key here is to trust yourself, trust your intuition, have faith in your twin and the journey.
Talk to your angels and masters, who are always around you, who are also helping you along this journey by sending you messages and confirmations through signs and synchronicities.
So keep going people, you are almost there. Don’t give up just before the end line.

We should know and remember that most Twin flames are starseeds or light workers and they have come here to heal generations and centuries of wounds and traumas. This is no easy task. That you kind and strong souls have signed up for it, means a lot to the world. When you are healing yourself, you are simultaneously healing the collective consciousness. What you are learning on this journey, will be the lessons you will teach the world tomorrow. You will become the beacon of light in many people’s life.

So Keep healing, Keep purging and keep being kind, compassionate and loving to yourself and your Twin.

I send you all my love and best wishes for this journey.

Love and Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi

(Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer, Numerologist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, )

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Lions Gate Portal Energies.


Wow, What a week it has been! It feels like we have been put through the wringer
and we are still going round in circles..thankfully slower. Phewww

We have been in the midst of high and intense energies whole of last month and for
some people even 2 months. As the eclipse season started and coupled with the retrograde season we have been thrown around, beaten, thrashed and drowned in emotions.

We have been eating more and sleeping more to balance and ground the energies.
Our emotions have been on the surface and erupted at the slightest trigger.
Lots of anger, irritation, crying, headaches, lucid dreaming has been going on in the last few days.

With six planets in retrograde(Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu)
the energies are moving backward and inwards. We are being pushed to reexamine,
reevaluate, and reprogramme our beliefs and our lives.

Old patterns, old hurts, past situations, Exes, old blocks, obstacles, past choices, past experiences, past relationships are all coming up for review. We are being shown what we missed earlier. We are being taught new lessons we missed then. We are being reconditioned so that we are ready to face the future when the planets move forward.

We have been expanding our consciousness and spiritual acumen. We have started revealing and believing in our intuition and other spiritual powers.

The hard lessons we learned in the last few years and the tests we gave have strengthened us and prepared us for the wonderful future that will soon unfold.

The eclipses and retrogrades gave the final touches and fine-tuning
to clear the last traces of any hurts, pains or blocks that we may have.

A thorough cleansing is going on right up to the core.
So allow it to happen, don’t resist it or it will continue to be painful later. Be kind and compassionate with yourself and others during this time.

The Lions gate portal in Leo is emphasizing ourselves. It is here to teach us to live from the heart rather than the mind.
To realize and reveal our true authentic heart-centered selves to the world. To have fun and not take life too seriously.

Venus in Taurus is creating balance and grounding within ourselves, teaching us to ground our lessons and emotions.
Once we do that we will move towards more balance in our outer relationships.
It is teaching us to bring more love into our interactions and relationships.

Pluto and Neptune are also encouraging us to accept and speak our truth and to stand in our power.
To have the courage to love authentically, truly and deeply.

The universal and Angelic forces are in play here and we will be pushed into the direction we are supposed to be.
It is time to reap the benefits of the efforts we have been putting in the past.
It is a good time to meditate and open our crown Chakra and connect to the divine energies as they will be in full force to help us become more aware and ascend to our higher selves.

How is this energy affecting the Twin Flames, DM, and DF?

The DM has been highly emotional and confused since last few months. He is beginning to understand the connection and the depth of the love he shares with his DF. He has withdrawn from her as he is scared of the intensity of his emotions.
He has never felt that way and it is making him nervous. He is not confident he can handle those emotions in her presence.
He has been taught to suppress his emotions since childhood as a mark of strength and now he is being pushed to be authentic and vulnerable.
He is also feeling overwhelmed with guilt and regrets the way he treated her earlier, for not saying the things he wanted to say and not treating her as she deserved.

It has been worse for those DMs who are in karmic relationships. Their karmic partner has sensed their disconnect to them and their love for the DF and the karmic are now restless and trying to repatch the relationship/marriage.
Unfortunately, their relationship is beyond repair, and the DM is realising that and wants to break free.
Guilt, worry, caring and societal expectations that were blocking him earlier are now healed and he realises the higher purpose of his connection with the DF. He is seeing how he has grown and become a better person because of this relationship.
He has chosen his Df and wants a better future with her.

It is just a matter of time and how soon they learn their lessons and take their action.
Ultimately they will have to accept the truth as the Universe will keep stirring their emotions and pushing them towards the DF.
The planet alignment and the energies are forcing them to see the light and understand their truth.
The DM is also slowly coming into his power, realizing past mistakes and patterns, old beliefs and conditioning.
He is grounding his energies and the knowledge that has been coming to him through the universe.

The DF, on the other hand, was feeling very left out and aloof. Many of the Dfs were feeling they have been forgotten and neglected by the DM and were even ready to let go of the connection. Past hurts and pains and issues of abandonment have been coming up,
making them restless and sad. They feel they are putting in too much effort and emotions into the relationship while the DM is either contributing very less or not at all. They have been losing their patience towards the DM.

Mars, on the other hand, is helping the DFs move into balance and reclaim their masculine energies and power.
They are now standing up for what they want and will not accept Shit from anyone including the DM.
They want him to step up and do his part in the connection.
He needs to keep his promises and follow through on his words.
They know what they deserve and will not accept or tolerate anything less anymore. She is now the fiery Goddess Kali who is benevolent to those who love her and fierce towards those who are unjust towards her.

All the energies are helping us come into alignment for Union which is not too far for most who have been working on themselves for a long time now. Things will begin to fall into place soon.
All we need to do is live from the heart, be authentic, loving, caring, kind, and compassionate towards ourselves, our twins and others.


Love n Light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi

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Twin flame Union biggest obstacle: Self worth

twinflames 3


Hello my beautiful twin flames how is this high energy portal treating you.

My body has been vibrating since morning. The heavy energies have lifted and I hope everyone is feeling lighter.
Today’s full moon is bringing heavy downloads and spirit wanted me to share these messages with you. I know I am posting after a long time, but I don’t share until i am guided by the universe.

I was told the biggest challenge the twins are facing is a feeling a being undeserving... a lack of self worth.

**Remember when I say DM it means the masculine energy  and DF is the feminine energies whoever may carry it regardless of physical gender. It will also simultaneously apply to the masculine and feminine energies that we carry within each of us**.

Growing up in a society that values a person based on the size of his house ,car and bank balance, the twins feel having less is not acceptable and it gives them a feeling of unworthiness..especially the DM.

He feels he doesn’t deserve the love of the DF as he can’t do much for her in the material world at the moment. He feels he can’t support her financially and that makes him feel inadequate.

Some DMs are in karmic relationships or in family situations which are not accepting of the twin flame Union. He feels bound by duty and obligations and tied down with no options.

To add to the confusion he is also getting downloads and his intuition is opening him to the truth of this relationship and the call is getting too loud to ignore.
He realizes the bond and love they share is unmatched and the connection is unbreakable. He misses her every second and dreams of her hoping for union and feeling all the more disappointed when he cant find a way to make it happen.

It is getting increasingly unbearable for him to continue his relationship with his karmic partner and he fears the consequences of his actions. He fears he will hurt innocent souls…his partner and family if he breaks his relationship with his karmic, and the Df if he doesn’t. He feels scattered and lost and unsure about himself. He is scared he will  make mistakes again. He is judging himself based on his past financial and emotional/relationship mistakes and fears he will make another. He also fears the legalities will add to his already huge financial burden.

He is still unsure of the magnanimity of the connection, the soul path, the cosmic connection and his twin flame duties.
He is still judging the connection through his mind and evaluating it based on society’s standards. And everything in this connection being different than the usual and normal standards isn’t helping him any. He doesn’t know how he can explain it to others when he himself feels doubtful sometimes.

But He gets irresistibly drawn to her and every time he meets her and their chakras merge, more past life traumas and ancestral pain patterns comes up for healing pushing him back into an abyss of pain n depression.
He has been going round n round in circles of love and pain with the DF and is starting to lose hope and courage.


The DF on the other hand is also going through a similar pattern of love and pain.
She has been clearing fears of abandonment and rejection of many generations.
She too faces low self worth and self esteem every time the DM disappears or ghosts her
which puts her in a spiral of questioning whether she is being rejected again and whether she is worthy of love.

She keeps fluctuating between the goddess she is and the little girl who was rejected.
Most Dfs are already clairvoyant, psychic and intuitive. so they are even helping others while facing their own issues. Most of them are not only healing themselves and the DM but also the collective energies. This leaves them totally drained and exhausted
making them withdraw within themselves more and more, especially in the last few months. Even they have reached the end of the rope and are desperately waiting for the DM to wake up.


The lessons to learn today are:

1. There are no mistakes in life…whether financial or in relationships. Everything comes to teach us a lesson. We make the best choice at a given moment based on the knowledge and understanding we have. Besides karma also plays an important role here. We do things a certain way because we are meant to do so. So we need to stop blaming ourselves and start accepting things as they are. Nothing is good or bad. WE need to stop judging our actions based on our perceptions(which we acquired through societal conditioning)

2. Your value doesn’t come from material things. It goes beyond that. It comes from how loving, compassionate and authentic you are. The DM needs to realize that his status is of no consequence to the Df ..she loves his priceless soul.
The DF needs to understand that the DM is not merely attracted to her body….he loves her priceless soul.

3. They need to understand that this relationship is beyond this body and life….they are 2 bodies sharing the same soul energy. This connection has been going on through many lifetimes and millenniums. They are not separate, they share the same energies and soul. They can feel each others emotions and connect to each others soul psychically. They are in this together. So they must concentrate on healing their part of the soul to facilitate the union.

4. They need to disconnect from Ego. They need to disconnect from things, places, people and situations that drag them back into ego mode.
Their strength is in their heart and they should always operate from there.
Open their heart, Listen to their heart, follow their heart and express what is in the heart. Only then will they find true happiness . If they keep listening to the ego mind they will remain confused and unhappy.

5. November is a pivotal month in the healing. The planets are aligned in a way to facilitate deep core inner issues to be surfaced and healed.
There will be many Aha moments of synchronicity and epiphanies. Many truths will be revealed and understood. A lot of pain energy will be and can be cleared. They need to relentlessly continue with their healing and clearings.

For twin flames who have been on this journey for many years and have been doing major healing all these years don’t fret…you will clear the last remnants of pain this month. The full moon energy is already lifting the heavy energies and we are feeling
much lighter and clearer.

We are on the verge of change…feel it, sense it and prepare for it. Keep doing your affirmations and meditations and keep clearing negative energies.
keep your thoughts and vibrations high and you will see the difference soon…

Love and light,

Smithaa M Chaturvedi


Radha Krishna the eternal Twin flames 💖


Krishna came into this world to teach about love.

Not the barter love we see around us but pure unadulterated and unconditional love. The love that is greater than any religion, societal rules, morality codes, and worldly norms.
The love where your ego is silenced. No mental gymnastics of the ifs and buts.

Your heart beats as 1 with your lover.

You can feel their pain and joy even at a distance.

You can understand their words and even their silence.

You can forgive all their mistakes and shortcomings in the blink of an eye.

You can’t remain angry with them for more than a few moments.

You just wish them happiness wherever they are and with whomever they choose.

You remain mesmerised by their beauty even though the world may see a million flaws in them.

You pray for their wellbeing even when you are apart and angry.

You try to help them physically, mentally and emotionally when ever you can without any expectations.

You dont expect any material things, service or tittles from them.

You help them grow as good human beings and support them in every way you can.

Your love becomes the most important thing in the world even greater than the lover.
Then we enter Krishna consiousness which is pure unconditional love. Then all jails are broken , all doors are opened and all obstacles are removed. Then krishna himself stands in the service of such a love.
Then you become a name that is remembered through history for love!

Happy Janmashtmi!